How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Pool?

Contributed by Kwik Pool Resurfacing

The swimming pools of the communities of owners are the best urban refuge to resist the summer heat, but also a headache for the neighbors. Who has not heard the third-party neighbor ever say that she doesn’t pay for the pool this year because she doesn’t use it!

Although it depends on many factors (size and number of vessels, purification system, lifeguard service …), the cost of maintaining a pool can represent up to 10% of the annual budget of a community.

According to the data recorded on the usual platform, the average price for maintenance work (including leak checking, cleaning of the pool vessel, and maintenance of pH, chlorination, and disinfection) is around 359 euros.

As for the frequency of maintenance, a tune-up can be carried out before the summer season begins or progressively during the winter, which is called the wintering of the pool.

For a building of 100 homes that has a swimming pool for adults and another for children, keeping this enclosure in good condition during the winter costs 700 euros per year (includes chemical products to avoid losing water, which well maintained can last up to four years), according to the property manager Federico Cerrato.

However, this cost can reach 9,000 euros per year during the summer season. Of course, it would be a comprehensive service, which includes the hiring of a lifeguard (it must be borne in mind that in Madrid having this professional is only mandatory from 31 homes), machinist (responsible for verifying that the treatment plant works correctly, that the levels of chlorine are correct, etc.), disinfection treatment, possible repairs and even the city council fee or license to open the pool if it exists.

If you had to fill the pool with water, depending on its size, it could cost 1,500 euros. In this regard, the latest trend is saline chlorination pools, less aggressive for the environment and the body, replacing the more classic chlorinated ones.

We intend to get clients into the swimming pool as quickly as their surgical injuries have closed. This helps clients get utilized to moving once again and also helps avoid any weight-gain, which frequently follows post-op lack of exercise.

Swimming pool rehab is incredibly useful as it permits clients to move without feeling the impacts of gravity. This can help in bring back gait patterns, variety of movement, and versatility of the impacted locations and enables us to present practical workouts at a really early phase. All of these elements considerably increase the speed of a client’s rehab.

Our swimming pools are warmed for convenience, and where possible, we supply a jacuzzi to ease muscle stress. It is not essential to be able to swim to carry out these workouts in the swimming pool.

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